INDIVIDUAL   HOMESCHOOLING   PRESCHOOL    VIDEO CHATTING                                                         REHABILITATION

Ideal for preschool, daycare, group teaching or video chatting!  Keep in touch during deployment by extending the video chatting experience while using our engaging flashcard paddles!  Use for rehabilitation exercises.

Face Fun Stories & Teaching Flashcard Paddles have been created to keep youngsters' attention while learning or listening to a story.  Our stories are designed so the child continuously sees the fun and colorful images on the front of the paddles while the reader sees the text on the back. No trying to juggle a book!  Our products are easier to use than regular flashcards and can be used with one hand keeping the other hand free!

These teaching and story flashcards are for adult use with children 6 months through toddlers.



Each Face Fun story is short to keep the attention of youngsters. Since babies cannot follow a story, the pictures capture their attention while the reader talks about the picture instead of reading the story. Each story is written with a lesson for the child. As the child gets older the story can be read and the lesson of the story can be discussed.  Each of these stories is available in English and Spanish and can be purchased individually: 

MONKEYS MISBEHAVING©:  What did the monkeys learn after escaping from their monkey house? This is a fun short story about monkeys running wild that engages children in conversation about behaving.

 BYE, BYE BABY BEAR©:   Missing daddy bear when he goes away.   Encourages conversation about feelings.


FLASHCARD TEACHING PADDLES                           

Each Flashcard Teaching Paddle is designed for individual and group teaching. A fun home schooling tool or for groups.  Perfect for video chatting.  Deployed or traveling parent or guardian can be part of the child's development! Flashcard paddles are easily held with one hand. Each flashcard paddle has a colorful picture to engage the child. Teaching paddles are available in English & Spanish.


Alphabet: A - Z

Colors: red, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow

Numbers: 1 - 10

Shapes:  Circle, square, rectangle, heart, triangle and star

Orders ship within 3 days from receipt of order. 

Retail discounts available.

School discounts available.

Paddle sizes:  8 3/4"  x 5 1/4"
Durable: lightweight corrugated material; laminated